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Light Tent Folding Instructions

We hope you find the following folding instructions useful. The basic supporting frame of the tent is four spring steel hoops (two on the cylindrical) which makes the frame flexible for folding. The folding of an 80cm (32") Light tent is demonstrated.

For 50cm (20"), 80cm (32") and 120cm (48") Light tents follow Stage 1 and the optional Stage 2.

For 30cm (12") Light tents complete Stage 1 only.

For Cylindrical Light tents, let the tent collapse flat to bring top and bottom hoops together, then follow Stage 2 only.

Stage 1 - Partially folded

Step 1.

1. Remove door and background sweeps

Step 2.

2. Turn cube on it's side with opening to the front.

Stage 3.

3. The cube starts to flatten.

Stage 4.

4. Hold the bottom of the front opening and with the other hand push the 'roof' of the cube down and backwards.

Stage 5.

5. Push the edge all the way back until...

Stage 6.

6. ...the cube begins to flop down.

Stage 7.

7. To flatten the cube, you may need push inside again (see 5.). Hoops should lay flat and not be intertwined.

Stage 8.

8. When the hoops are flat, the flattened cube can be stored like this but cover it to keep clean

For 50cm, 80cm & 120cm Light tents you can opt to continue to Stage 2 for storage in carry bag.

Stage 2 - Fully folded

Stage 9.

9. Continue to hold the front edges with both hands and thumbs behind. Now kneel on the floor, keeping the front edges towards you.

Stage 10.

10. Roll the top edge away from you and curl under to meet the lower edge.

Stage 11.

11. Pull the top edge in towards you about 3". As you roll in you will notice two loops forming on your left and right.

Stage 12.

12. With one hand still holding in the top edge down, reposition your other hand to hold the top of left loop.

Stage 13.

13. Still holding the top edge down, fold the left loop inwards with a slight anti-clockwise twist to make a circle.

Stage 14.

14. Holding the 'new' left circle, reposition your other hand on the top of the right loop. Fold in over the top of the left circle.

Stage 15.

15. Reposition hands to hold the folded edges together. Folding is now complete.

Stage 16.

16. Place in carry case.


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